life updates

hi friends!

Woweee! I certainly did not expect to take this big of a break from blogging when I last posted over three months ago. Since I last posted, I’be been finishing my summer semester of nursing school, going on as many outdoor adventures as possible, dating a pretty special guy, moving, job searching and interviewing, and going into my last and final semester of nursing school. Life has been pretty amazing, at times feeling far to good to be true, and I have thoroughly enjoyed soaking that up as much as possible.

I am hoping to get back into the swing of blogging, especially with the end of nursing school in sight (!!) and a job waiting for me on the other end of things. I had stopped blogging and posting on Instagram for awhile because I really needed a break. Honestly, my Instagram feed felt pretty inundated with food/fitness posts that I just wasn’t interested in reading, especially when I was so limited on time. I didn’t want to put out content that I myself wouldn’t want to read or look at… so I just didn’t put out anything.

Today got me thinking about what type of content I want to be sharing. I realized that amongst all of the macro talk and before and after pictures and crap like that that exists, I could be sharing a really positive message. About how freedom with food and fitness is possible. That not forcing your body to be a size that it doesn’t want to be is a really great thing. That working out shouldn’t be about how you look. That there are far more important things in this world than how many carbs a piece of toast has. That I’ve been there in that place of eating and working out to achieve a dream body – and how miserable it made me feel and how I couldn’t live a full and vibrant life like that.

So, that’s what I hope to be sharing in the future. Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me throughout this transitional phase of life – I am so grateful ❤



what kind of message am I sending?

I haven’t been blogging much lately because sometimes it feels a bit self indulgent. It’s been a battle back and forth for me because the reason that I didn’t quit blogging entirely was because I want to help others by sharing my story. But sometimes sharing my story or tidbits of my life feels a bit more like “look at me!” than it does anything else.

I also have been really struggling with how I portray myself to others in terms of fitness and nutrition. My blog for years revolved around fitness and nutrition and so did my Instagram account for the blog. And since Instagram is only a snapshot of the highlight reel (as much as I try to be real and authentic in that space as well), I have been thinking about how others might perceive me. If a person that comes across my account for the first time and the first thing they see is a picture of my body, is the first thing I want them to think about me that I am a fit person? Am I creating a space that is making people feel insecure in their own bodies? Or am I inspiring others, as a full time nursing student who’s passionate about health, to make their health a priority?

If someone comes across my Instagram account and they don’t know my story, that I battled with a disordered relationship with food or that I’ve been lifting weights for over six years now and that’s one of the reasons my body looks the way it does or that I’ve been through the struggle of body image (and still have some bad days!) – I guess I just don’t want to give off the impression that I am perfect.

Honestly, I really don’t know the answer to any of these questions.

I know that the Lord gives us each unique individual passions and I know that one of mine is health and fitness. But I am scared that I’m not sending the message that I truly believe in when it comes to health and fitness. That giving yourself grace is the best thing that you can do for yourself, or that food is meant to be enjoyed, or that what your body looks like doesn’t mean anything compared to who you are on the inside.

I also feel like so many people who share their fitness journeys on social media just want to give advice out about fitness. While I was a certified group fitness instructor and have a ton of knowledge about fitness, I think that there are so many other qualified people to share information that that’s not something I’m necessarily passionate about or want to focus on.

As I type this blog post I realize that it’s all over the place – forgive me for that! I guess I just feel a bit at a standstill when it comes to what I share in this space and in other spaces on the Internet. I don’t want to do more harm than good. I don’t want people to see me for what my body looks like or what foods I eat. I want to send a message that is bigger than that but I don’t know where to start. And I don’t want to stop sharing about health and fitness because I am so passionate about it.

I know that I’m not going to find the answers to any of this any time soon. But thank you for bearing with me in the meantime ❤ I appreciate you more than you know and would love to hear your thoughts!